Saturday, July 11, 2015

Santander, you will be missed...

For some of us, it has been two weeks.  For some of us it has been a month.  For all of us this has been an experience to see a new place in the world, practice our second language and enjoy a culture and it's people.

Friday, we finished with the completion certificate awards:

Then we all got dressed up to go to "La Cena de Despidida" our goodbye dinner which took place in el Parque de la Llamas:

Waiting on the bus and taking some pics...

Los chicos!!

Algunas de las chicas!!

All of us, en El Parque de las Llamas!!  Goodbye Santander.

You wanna wanna wanna Salsa??

It is always a GREAT time when we get to learn something new and have a GREAT time doing it.
For this week it was our Salsa class.  We had a chance to learn some Rueda Casino Salsa steps and get a good workout at the same time!

First step - Learn some basic steps.
One more time, that looked complicated.

Okay! I think we can do that!

One two three, One two three...

I think we've got this!!

No because I am tall, means I can't Salsa!

And then you do it like this....

After class Hunter serenaded us on the piano.

Second step - Now with MUSIC:

Capricho for you, Capricho for me, El Capricho de Gaudi

In the city of Comillas we find one of the master pieces of world renowned architecture - Gaudi.
The Capricho de Gaudi was built back in the late 1800's for a rich bachelor, Maximo Diaz de Quijano. Like all his other works, many elements of nature and music can found through out his architectural style.
I just arrived, but I like it already!!
Our guide Carlos, the BEST guide ever!!

Can we live here?

Observing the nature/musical aspects of the exterior.
All the wood used in this house was imported from Cuba.

After the tour of the Capricho de Gaudi, we went next door to the Palacio de Sobrellano where we had a lovely view of the city, and of the Universidad de Comillas.

Perfect backdrop for a foto!

All of us, #1

All of us #2
 Some more great pics of us...

The MOST Popular Optional Activity

This year we could not get enough of the surfing classes in Somo. 
Every week a group of us went to Somo to take a class and to practice what we had learned in previous classes.
This week was no different. The boat ride was calming and the waves were good to us.  Somo you have been good to us!!

Let's Hit the waves!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Beautiful day to go to the mountains...

Saturday morning we set out to Fuente Dé to see the Picos de Europa.  As always, it was well worth the drive, up, up and up the winding roads:


 The views were breath taking:

From Tree to Tree...

Thursday was a cloudy day here in Santander, BUT that did NOT keep us from enjoying some zip lining:

Getting instructions...

Waiting our turn...

Having patience...

   Finally! We were ON TOP OF THE TREE TOPS:

A Good time was had by ALL!!